Ever wonder how some women seem to always have their shit together? They run a million-dollar business, plus a million-hour business of taking care of their families but they manage to get everything done, have a social life and sleep reasonable hours a night. I’m not one of these women but I want to be just like them when I grow up. It sounds impossible… but hey, if Beyoncé can do it then so can we, right? (Even though she has a whole team to get her life in check but we’re not here to whine…) Today, we’re going to become superwomen because I am going to show you how to “GYST” AKA Get Your Shit Together in a fun way. #TGIS (Thank God for Sundays)

Now, perhaps you’ve been seeing the term, “GYST” around but I must give credit where it’s due. Have you ever heard of Kalyn Nicholson? She’s only an awesome YouTuber and you should probably check her out if – not if – you should check her out. So Kalyn did a video about GYST-ing and that was the first time that I thought, “hmm… this looks fun and adult-like so I’m going to try it.”

Of course, I am not saying that GYST-ing is the most revolutionary thing out there and that I had never spent time cleaning or organising or planning – I have! But it was chaotic, to say the least and that defeats the purpose of this adulting thing. The point of this blog post is to introduce a regular full day of getting your shit together every week or every two weeks max, preferably on a Sunday because…

Girl, let me tell you, Sunday GYST-ing has made me the most productive young individual for the last three weeks – yes, only 3 weeks so far and I am so so proud. Besides, the experts say that it takes 21 days to build a habit so I can officially say that I am a GYST-er now. If you’re interested in finally throwing out the To-Do List for your To-Do List, then follow this simple Sunday Get Your Shit Together routine:

First thing’s first: after you wake up and complete your morning routine, don’t shower or get civilised, jump straight into chores.

Sunday GYST Routine:


Take a look at the To-Do List for your chores: what do you have on there that you’ve been putting off for weeks? Laundry? Bedding? Cleaning? Dishes? Groceries? – Don’t think about it too much and just start doing the first thing you can get your hands on.

#Tip 1: Create a fun and care-free atmosphere. Play your favourite playlist or put on some Netflix as you sweep, fold and wash. This is not the time to listen to all the podcasts and self-development stuff that all of us coaches preach about daily. No, girl, this is the time to watch Jane the Virgin or listen to the top hits 2017!


Now, while you wait for your laundry to get done, take the time to meal prep! Meal prepping will not only help you meet your fitness goals (if you’re on the healthy living journey, which you should be on), but it will also save you time and cash dollaz during the week.

The consensus is that you should meal prep for three days at a time… so prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for Monday through Wednesday. I have been meal prepping (not every week though I get points for trying) for about two years now and I promise it gets a lot easier and effortless after a while. If you have never meal prepped before then check out this meal prep start guide 🙂

#Tip 2: Pinterest and YouTube are your best friends after me. There’s tons of recipes and inspiration for meal prep ideas over there so don’t feel like you can only prep grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies. The goal of meal prepping is to actually eat that food…

#Tip 3: Since you’ve probably gone through all the food in your fridge to prep your meals, this is a good time to quickly jot down all the things you need to get when you go grocery shopping. Also, decide when you’re going to get the groceries and add that in your calendar when we get to the GOALS stage


It’s probably mid-day by now and you smell – it’s cool. Time to take a nice, long shower or bath if you’re fancy like that and then, start our 10-step beauty routine!

 Step 1 – Clean Makeup Brushes and Blenders

Step 2 – Wash yoself, Exfoliate, Shave, Do You Girl

Step 3 – Apply a Deep-Conditioning Hair Mask and cover with a Shower Cap

Step 4 – Apply a Face Mask

Step 5 – Deal with your teeth: Brush, Floss, Whiten

Step 6 – Book Waxing Appointment

Step 7 – Wash Hair Mask off and Trim Split Ends

Step 8 – Wash Face Mask off and Moisturize

Step 9 – Apply Under-Eye Cream #NoWrinkles

Step 10 – Self-manicure: Trim, File, Paint Nails (Don’t forget that cuticle/nail treatment stuff)

How do you feel? – Beautiful, I’m sure! Now, let’s go conquer your week BossLady!


Now that you are fresh and your space is nice and clean, it’s a good time to get on top of your weekly and monthly goals!

Start by filling out your planner with all the important things that you want to accomplish by a specific date for the next month. Do you have a launch coming up? Do you need to finish your e-course by a certain deadline? Are you planning a collab thing with another awesome Girlboss? Got a Dentist appointment? Put it all down.

From here, move on to scheduling your repetitive tasks and activities, for example, workouts, emails, family time and so on – also, don’t forget to squeeze in your grocery shopping trip in there…

Once you’ve got that down, you should get into the details. Flesh out all the main tasks you would need to do every day to achieve your top 3 goals for the coming week. Do this only for the coming week or two, not the entire month or year because that’s just another procrastination excuse and we’re not here for that.

If you’re struggling with goal-setting and all that jazz, then click the image below to get a done-for-you weekly goal-setting workbook for an entire month. You can keep re-printing it every month or just create a digital version on Google Calendar!

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I don’t know if you experience this but for some reason, every time I sit down to plan my goals and schedule my life, all this unfinished business comes up. It’s a cosmic joke… but again, #TGIS

Take the time to relax, put your feet up, watch something light-hearted and finish whatever left-over tasks you have from the previous week (or weeks!) Doing this will make Monday feel like Sunday morning because come tomorrow, you will be way ahead of the game.

Once you’re done with all the work, you can start winding down for bedtime. Remember to switch off any screens at least 30 minutes before bed (except a Kindle of course). Light some candles, pick up a good book and sleep early.

#Tip 4: Lay out your workout clothes and your work outfit so that you don’t have to waste any time deciding what to wear or coming up with excuses for why you shouldn’t workout the next morning…

Happy Monday 🙂

Araika Mkulo

Author: Araika Mkulo

Araika Mkulo is the mother and CEO of Safe Space Co… she lives and breathes for women’s empowerment. On paper, she is a Cognitive Psychologist but in the real world, she is a Coach-Fairy-God-Sister sent from the land of equal rights with the sole purpose of helping women transform their lives.

She does this through self-discovery, mindset and business coaching. Her mission is to transform you into your own coach so that you can slay this thing called life!

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