Motivational YouTube Channels every Girlboss must watch

Recently, I received the pearl of all gifts. Want to know what it was? A Chromecast – a little device that allows you to stream YouTube channels, Netflix and a bunch of other videos on your TV!! Of course, this is not ground-breaking or revolutionary in any way because Smart TVs already exist but you know, for some of us who are a little old-school and don’t have a Smart TV, a Chromecast is a good, convenient and affordable substitute!

Now, most of you already know that I am a YouTube and Netflix binge-watcher, nothing new here. The only problem was in managing time and staying productive. It was always such a struggle to get off YouTube and get back to work but now, I can do both at the same time so best believe that I am out here in the office streaming videos all day long!

However, it is important to watch educational and inspirational content that motivates you to get stuff done and also gets your creative juices flowing. Life is about balance, so here are the top motivational YouTube channels that I believe every Girlboss must watch!

Top 10 Motivational YouTube Channels

Marie Forleo - Marie TV

Top 10 Motivational YouTube Channels every Girlboss must watch

“The place to be to create the business and life you love!” – That’s the tagline for Marie’s channel and we totally agree!

Marie Forleo is… well, if you are a coach or a “multi-passionate entrepreneur,” then chances are you’ve heard of this amazing businesswoman, life coach, motivational speaker and philanthropist. She is the founder of B-School and quite frankly, #lifegoals  – and that’s exactly what you will get from her channel.

On Marie TV, Marie Forleo interviews successful business people and thought leaders so that you can learn directly from the crème de la crème. But that’s not even why you should watch this channel. Marie has a dose of rawness combined with class that will definitely make you want to get up and go build an empire!

Erin Henry

Top 10 Motivational YouTube Channels every Girlboss must watch

Erin Henry is the founder of The May Collective – a business & mindset coaching platform for game-changing female entrepreneurs. Her channel is always full of motivational and practical tips for creating a successful online business and living the life that you love.

Erin is so real and relatable but always so on point. I have worked with her personally and can genuinely attest to her knowledge and experience with building successful and purposeful businesses.

The point is that she is awesome and a total #Girlboss and if you enjoy content that shakes you up and makes you want to be your own BOSS, then you should go watch her like right now!

Kalyn Nicholson

Top 10 Motivational YouTube Channels every Girlboss must watch

Kalyn Nicholson is the QUEEN of routines. What are you interested in? Morning routine? Evening routine? Bedtime routine? Lazy routine? Fall routine? Kalyn creates amazing, inspirational videos of all routines for all seasons!

Of course, she makes more content than routines and one series that stands out is her Coffee Talk Playlist, where she just chats about life, emotions, being yourself and harnessing your creativity. You can also check out my 5 tips to be yourself in this crazy world!

Other than her content and bomb editing skills, Kalyn just exudes so much positive energy that she will definitely make you want to be her bff. I got the inspiration for my Get Your Shit Together blog post from her channel and that Sunday routine has definitely made me more productive!


Top 10 Motivational YouTube Channels every Girlboss must watch

Just landing on Aileen’s channel, Lavendaire, makes you feel calm and gets your creative juices flowing. Lavendaire is all about personal growth and designing your own life, or as she calls it, “artist of life.” Isn’t that genius?

Her content mostly revolves around positivity and the law of attraction, which is probably why her brand colors are so calming and uplifting. She also provides a lot of printables for free to compliment the videos! If you want more from Aileen, be sure to also check out her blog and podcast.

Planning with Kay

Motivational YouTube Channels every Girlboss must watch

I don’t know about you, but watching videos about pretty handwriting and creative bullet journal planning is actual therapy for me – not that I could ever write that beautifully but it makes me happy just watching this sorcery. If you feel this way, then you will love this channel.

Planning with Kay is a fairly new channel but that really does not take away from the wealth of planning and organizing content that you will receive. I have spent hours trying to re-create some of these beautiful pages but alas, bullet journaling is not my strong suit. I gave up on re-creating my own pages but occasionally, I steal some of her ideas and add them to my pre-built planner! #noshame

Rachel Aust

Motivational YouTube Channels every Girlboss must watch

This channel is pretty unique because it combines minimalism, productivity and health. Rachel Aust is also the founder of Eat Run Lift, where you can get eBooks, training and weight loss programs.

So, the one thing that stands out about Rachel is her dedication to minimalism; from her fashion style to her home deco to her meal choices. She will definitely make you re-think all the stuff that you have and you may just throw out a few things – you have been warned!

All in all, Rachel’s content is unique and motivational and I’m sure you will enjoy her authenticity.

Whitney Simmons

Motivational YouTube Channels every Girlboss must watch

Right, Whitney Simmons is my YouTube OBSESSION! This girl is high energy, funny, completely raw, so so cute with her puppy, Navy, and her body is just #GOALS!

Her channel is about Fitness and Healthy Living. She puts out new workout and meal-prep videos twice a week so you can never get bored with your fitness routine. Her workouts are super creative – it’s honestly a mystery how she comes up with some of the exercises but one thing is certain… you will be sore all week after her videos!

I included this purely fitness-focused channel because exercising and healthy living has a direct effect on success in your business so right now, go check out Whitney and thank me later 🙂


Motivational YouTube Channels every Girlboss must watch

“All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl”

But actually. This channel will give you a good laugh, period. Lily Singh AKA Superwoman has mastered raw comedy by playing 5 different characters in her videos. Must-watch playlist from her channel is definitely ‘My Parents React,’ where she has her conservative Indian parents (played by her) react to scandalous music videos and movies.

This girl is just amazingly funny and sometimes, that’s all you need after a long day of to-do lists on top of to-do lists and her 12.5 Million subscribers seem to agree! But if that’s not enough for your inner Girlboss… then here’s more reasons why you need to watch Lily Singh!

Not even 30 years old yet and she has already authored a #1 New York Times Bestseller book called How to be a BAWSE – which is a complete must-read, by the way. As if that wasn’t enough, she has built an entire school in Kenya to educate young girls, simply through selling friendship bracelets hand-made by Kenyan women. The bracelets are called Rafiki (which means ‘friend’ in Swahili) and you can check them out here.


That concludes my list of motivational YouTube Channels that I am currently obsessed with and know for sure that you will get so much inspiration from.

The next time you are cooking, writing or cleaning, make sure to put on one of these channels and learn about business, raising your vibration, planning, fitness and even enjoy a good laugh 🙂

Please let me know which YouTube Channels are your current favorites so that I can go check them out 🙂

Araika Mkulo

Author: Araika Mkulo

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