reviewing your 2018 personal goals

We’ve all been there, the year is drawing to a close, and the flurry of emotions sets in, as you go back to your New Year’s “resolutions”, (or if you’re like me, personal/professional milestones you would like to achieve) it’s perfectly normal and even encouraged, as it sets the foundation for your success in the coming year.

However at this point you might already be feeling the effects of the holiday season, and the lack of motivation that a lot of people often have in the last few months, we all know that December and the month leading up to it is not the most productive time of the year.

So this review or reflection (call it what you will) can be on different aspects of yourself, but usually falls in line with what GOALS you set for yourself in the beginning of the year, goal setting is particularly important as it helps you have a solid plan to follow(but more on that next week.)

I don’t know about you but I love sitting down with a good ‘ol fashioned pen and notebook and write down my goals both short term and long term and draft some sort of action plan on how I hope to achieve them.

In the last post the focus was on you as the Entrepreneur, an easy guide to help you review your BUSINESS GOALS.

But today it’s all about you as an individual & strong woman!!! Being the busy Femtrepreneur you are you may have forgotten this side of you, well I’m here to remind you!

Now I completely understand that you may have taken some L’s this year, but point out one person who didn’t… I’ll wait…

The Process.

While our specific goals may not align they generally revolve around the same aspects of our lives such like, our romantic life, physical life (good health), spiritual, financial etc.

The two main methods that I’ll be going over today are ones that give you the most flexibility so that regardless of your goals you will be able to reflect in a useful and productive manner.

Goal oriented Reflection: Depending on what your goals were, whether it was reading more, making more time for friends/socializing, perfecting your morning routine, working out more, learning a new skill or anything else that can significantly better you as a person.

List them down and see how well you achieved them, and if not what  stopped you? in order to improve in 2018 you need to to cut the BS and hold yourself accountable and that is by performing something one of our #ultimateGoals Marie Forleo tells us is a crucial aspect of self improvement, that is leaving behind what doesn’t work.

More often than not what holds us back is what we refuse to let go. let that sink in….

The good thing about taking it step by step and going through your goals is that you have clarity on each goal by focusing on them one at a time. Instead of lumping them all together, confusion in your reflection defeats the purpose of why you are undertaking it in the first place. But remember keep it simple.

Interactive Reflection: I came across this interesting post, a while back and while it’s from a couple of years ago the questions are still very much valid today.

It’s slightly consuming because it involves answering 50 or so questions, but before you panic at that number, they are very straight forward questions that don’t really need much from your part, if anything it gives you a clearer guideline and makes things way easier.

I absolutely loved the simplicity in the way the questions were phrased, and even though this is a review of your personal goals their are some career evaluating questions too.

P.S. It has some super specific questions at times so don’t worry if you find that you come up blank. Just skip to the next one, also, I cannot stress enough that this is in no way a measure of how “successful” your year was, the questions are only meant to be prompts that help your reflection process be easier.

Who knows, you might even find new goals you would like to achieve in 2018!!


After completing everything i want you to try something, write down an encouraging statement, like something you appreciate about yourself, it could be anything from a quality you possess or and improvement you have made regardless of how small or just simply that you’re a total boss babe who doesn’t let her failures bring her down!

You would actually be surprised how being your own cheerleader can have such a positive effect on your behavior, mood and productivity.

You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” ~Louise L. Hay

The goal isn’t to dwell on your failures or gloat over your victories (okay maybe a little, it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself what a Total Bad-ass Queen you are 😀 ) but rather to see where you went wrong and where you went right learn from them and plan for the next year accordingly.

Before you head off to start your reflection, remember to keep it fun always, there’s no need to stress over every little thing, in fact it’s highly recommended to grab your girlfriends and make it a group thing, consider it ticking off that socializing box, working together can put things in perspective  by getting feedback from your close friends.

So if this helps you in anyway or you have your own methods of reflecting on your year or you just want to engage, then please feel free to share in the comments, till next time girl boss.

Happy reflecting xx

Selam Ahmed

Author: Selam Ahmed

Selam Ahmed is many things: fun, loving, fierce supporter of women, bookworm and an eternal Philomath. She always takes things as they come and is ever excited to see what life has to offer next. She is a foodie that loves to cook, in the best of times and the worst of times, from a very young age cooking has always been a way for her to stay sane. As an upcoming blogger (can you guess what type of blog it will be? hint: FOOD!)and as one of the contributors to the Safe Space blog, she is thrilled to welcome you all to a community that is based on uplifting women. We’ve got your back. Always.