why every business woman should weight train

Capital, Staff, Finances, Profit Margin, Taxes all words you would commonly associate with running a business. Well what if I were to add one more… Weight Training. Precisely, why weight training is extremely important for business women.

You read that right.

The internet is quite the modern miracle. Imagine that this little tool has made it possible for millions of people (including you!) to conduct business from the comfort of their own homes with nothing but a computer.

With that, we have a whole generation of entrepreneurs working long hours with little to no physical activity, and this is not only bad for your health, but bad for business too.

Weight Training can not only improve your physique but also sharpen your mind and help you perform better when it comes to running and growing your online business.

To be honest, I was quite taken with the whole “Lifting weights” fad (as i thought it was back then) after coming across Lisa Tanker’s personal story.

Celebrated fitness and lifestyle guru with a huge following thanks to her “Amazing Transformation Community”(ATC).  Contrary to what you might think she was not overweight or suffering some major life crisis. She was simply ready to challenge herself and her body and see the results it would yield.

We each have our different reasons for going on this trans-formative journey but what her story indicated is that its all in the mind, and as we will see a few paragraphs down, will power and focus play a major role too.

Get ready because today I’m going to delve, with you, into the world of weight lifting and how different myths surrounding women and weight lifting are just plain wrong.

So I’m sure you’ve heard about how lifting weights is “not for Females” and you’ve heard people say “watch out or you’ll end up manly” or something along those lines,  because I sure did and let me tell you : consider that myth to be 100% BUSTED!!

Here's all the Reasons why Business Women SHOULD lift weights!

1. Burn Fat While Sleeping

Ever heard of Body Mass Index or BMI for short?

Well to simplify a complicated concept; your body is made up of fat mass (Body fat, yup not complicated) and fat free mass which is your Muscles, and Organs.

The main advantage that lifting has over other types of workouts is that you continue to burn calories even after you have stopped working out. This is called “The AfterBurn Effect”.

Officially it is known as “Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption”, research has shown that when you’re killing it at the gym then your body goes into a state of Oxygen Debt, this ends up forcing your body to pay back the deficit,in oxygen by speeding up your metabolism which then burns fat (and guess what! this continues happening long after you have left the gym)

So basically the more fat free mass (muscle) you have the less fat you will have in your body, thus changing your physical appearance as well as overall body health.


2. Overall Improvement of your Health

When you lift weights, a number of changes occur that are all linked to overall improvement in your body. When you lower your BMI you also:

– Improve your circulation, which is overall  good for your heart and your brain, supplying more oxygen and sharpening your focus.

– The increase in muscle helps strengthen your joints leading to a lesser risks of injury. This leads to an improvement in quality of life.

– Improve your brain activity. specifically it improves your memory, imagine how, in the long term, this will be useful, not having to refer to your planner 24/7.

Research published in the American Journal of Geriatric Society , examined how weight training improved/slowed down the deterioration of lesions in the brains white matter (this is connects and passes messages between different parts of the brain)

Why Every Business Woman Should Start Lifting.

Now I’m sure you must be wondering, “But how does that tie in with helping me build a freakin empire?”

Don’t worry, I’m going to explain both the science aspect of weight lifting and the subsequent improvement on your psyche that will lead to you being an absolute beast and improve your business.

In order to fully understand the benefits that lifting will have on you,  we must look at what similarities consistent training has with running a business….

Shall We?

1. Confidence

Girl, let’s not even kid ourselves.

Yes, there’s muscle cramps and exhaustion and sheer brutality of a good ol’ lifting session but…


Once you start seeing that muscle definition, reduced inches and an overall improvement to your physique, it all becomes worth it. In fact, you’ll even love the morning after soreness and what’s more, your body goals are thanks to no one but your damn self.

Now, it’s important to note that there’s not a particular number on the scale or dress size that will give you this feeling, it’s more about the way you relate to your body and get to know your body and love your body as a result of weight training and getting a toned and sexy physique definitely wont hurt.

This unshakable confidence in yourself will translate to every part of your life both professionally and personally.

As a business woman, it will definitely come in handy with  making those tough choices you face, be it getting a loan to expand or it might lead to getting a creative outlet to share your experiences if your a blogger.


2. Leadership quality cultivated in the gym translates to the boardroom:

Despite the popular phrase “Born Leader”, leadership isn’t an innate trait you’re born with, its something you develop over time. After holding yourself accountable and responsible for decisions you make and actions you take.

By pushing yourself to keep working out even through the weight loss/muscle gaining plateaus, you are actually also exercising leadership skills.

One of our favorite fitness bloggers, Dean Bokhari has this to say,

Whether you know it or not, making the decision to set a fitness goal — and to stick with it — while remaining flexible enough to learn from your mistakes — is personal leadership in action.”

3. Attention to Detail.

Now, you already know this but as a business owner, the little things count in a major way, and the same goes for working out, things like the type of workout, weights used and form can affect your results drastically.

Same goes for a business, especially a small business, attention to detail or rather lack thereof can be the difference between success and failure. identifying the needs and catering to your target market is a crucial aspect of running a business.

Good service is also something that people will never forget and with consistent good service it will eventually become part of your brand. and just like weight training consistency is key.

So make sure you keep your customers happy though i completely understand that at times it can get overwhelming especially if you’re running the ship on your own.

Hitting the gym is also a great way to get those Endorphins flowing and pick up your mood drastically which leads to increase in productivity. I’m sure you’re already smiling just thinking about that runner’s high…


4. Provides structure

We all know that when you’re working from home comes with its own challenges sometimes.

Waking up at noon, lazying in your PJs, eating at odd hours, spending hours deciding between Netflix or work – all of this can affect not just your productivity but your mind as well, especially in the long-run.

Actually setting a schedule for yourself and going to the gym is the first step in giving your life some structure which then, translates to your work. It gives you something to wake up for and leave the house for… no more lazying around!

The Power of Learned Optimism

The whole process of weight training, like starting or growing your online business, is an uphill battle. It takes strength, perseverance and PATIENCE. Having a positive attitude from the get-go is so necessary no matter how badly your body just wants to quit. You only have to be better than you were yesterday.

Wait a minute, are we talking about Weight Training or Entrepreneurship right now? Coz that’s how similar the two mindset processes are…

If you can always push yourself beyond your limit with weights, you are training your mind to start thinking in the same way and soon you will pushing yourself beyond your comfort bubble in you biz too!


Now before you rush off to join your nearest gym or start searching online for a workout at you can do at home.

Lets have a little discussion in the comments section, and feel free to share this post  with your fellow #GirlBosses

And remember its all just a mindset , tell yourself you can do it and YOU WILL DO IT! Don’t forget, we have your back always!

Selam Ahmed

Author: Selam Ahmed

Selam Ahmed is many things: fun, loving, fierce supporter of women, bookworm and an eternal Philomath. She always takes things as they come and is ever excited to see what life has to offer next. She is a foodie that loves to cook, in the best of times and the worst of times, from a very young age cooking has always been a way for her to stay sane. As an upcoming blogger (can you guess what type of blog it will be? hint: FOOD!)and as one of the contributors to the Safe Space blog, she is thrilled to welcome you all to a community that is based on uplifting women. We’ve got your back. Always.